Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I've been doing during the Summer drought

Usually, I tend to write in the third person. In general, the stories that I report are for the general populace, rather than people caring exactly what I've been doing, or my thoughts exactly. Also, third person is much more powerful and eloquent than first person. For this article, I'm going to venture into that unheard of realm of first person, to make it more personal, but also because of the content. So, that aside, here's what I've been up to since the start of the Summer drought:


June consisted of a month of excitement. Gladly, a big release actually occurred in this month, which actually kept me busy for the month, since Infamous 2 allowed me to play both good and evil. Also, since E3 was in June, I was busy covering everything that had happened throughout the month revolving around gaming. After beating Infamous 2 and writing the review on that, I moved on to a few other single player games. I decided it was finally time to finish up Portal 2, and beating that game was quite fun and enjoyable.

This would make for an interesting cross-over.


Let's see, July was probably the least gaming I did, but it was still a decent amount. Again, I decided to go into my backlog of games and play a few single player games. The one that had been bothering me the most for the longest amount of time was Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I've had it since the game released, but only had gotten about 3 hours into the story. This isn't because the game was sub-par by any means, it was just that I had gotten away from gaming for a few months. Now that I'm back though, I was glad to play this game, it was quite outstanding. I was really skeptical about them coming out with another game so quickly, but honestly, it worked out. This game improved even further on the Assassin's Creed franchise that has only been around for 4 years. Other than Assassin's Creed, I was busy being the best-man at my brother's wedding, and playing the Uncharted 3 Beta, which was awesome as well.

Drake! Lookout behind you!

Well, since August has really only just begun, I haven't done much gaming this month. I downloaded and played the Madden demo, which is trying to make me buy the game. I'm not leaning toward it because the demo is really good, just because I'm caught in the hype of football season starting. Other than that, I'm trying to play the Resistance Beta, along with Global Resistance. Its been a long couple of months, but Summer is almost over, and gaming every week is coming...

Just wanted to take the time when there really wasn't much to talk about to give everyone suggestions on what to do to make the most of the long summer.


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