Thursday, September 1, 2011

Resistance 3 Beta Impressions

After playing the Resistance 3 beta, one thing stands out the most - I'm ridiculously good at this game. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I haven't had a game in which I've scored a KD ratio less than 1.0. My lowest round was indeed a 1.0 kd ratio, but currently, I'm sitting around 1.7 on my kills versus death. A kill death ratio is pretty self explanatory. Take the number of kills divided by the numbers of deaths and there you go. In any team deathmatch situation, your kd ratio should be over 1.0, or in essence you are not helping the team, as you're dying more than you're killing. In most games, unless they are objective based, I generally have at least a positive, or over 1, kill death ratio. This game seems to be one that I can achieve an even higher ratio. Now, enough bragging, on to the actual gameplay.

So, the Beta started off very, very shaky, which was a bit unnerving. Seemingly, Insomniac should know how to make a multiplayer game by now, and the bumpy start that they had really worried a bit. It started off with a couple weeks of only private matches, since matchmaking was completely broken. Its strange that this late in the development cycle the multiplayer is still being worked on this intensely, but its definitely improving.

Ever since matchmaking has been re-enabled, its been running smoother than butter. I've really only personally experienced a few framerate drops while playing, and this seems to be when there are a lot of players in one specific area. The Beta itself has been updated many times, and Insomniac is promising a day one update to keep it running smooth upon launch. With this in mind, I really don't have any hesitations about this game, since the gameplay is insanely fun.

Now, to the good part - Gameplay. Honestly, this version of Resistance, at least in early stages, seems to be the absolute best of both worlds. The first Resistance had a genuine feel to it, with really good maps, smaller games, and interesting and fun weapons. The second one introduced abilities and loadouts, which worked to a point, but ultimately made the gameplay a bit overwhelming, especially with large numbers of players on relatively poorly designed maps. This game combines the genuine feel of the first game with tight mechanics and smaller matches, along with the abilities introduced in the second to make an awesome multiplayer experience.

Doppelganger active ability

Each loadout has a primary weapon and grenade, and two active abilities and two passive abilities. The passive abilities are always active, and generally give the user an advantage to their play-style, such as more ammo in each clip, or more health. These do not have to be activated or earned, and must be chosen wisely to emphasize an individuals strengths. The two active abilities are available immediately upon spawning, and can be used limitless times throughout the games, but have a delay in being reused. These abilities have a wide variety of uses, ranging from shields to decoys and many other useful perks. Weapons range from standard carbines and bullseyes to mutinators and sniper rifles.

The two maps available for the beta are actually pretty fun. Each team spawns in a specific side of the map, but spawn camping is generally not an issue. This is avoided by spawning on the opposite side of the map in certain situations, but sides do not permanently switch. The maps have enough ins and outs to learn, and allow for sniping and close combat. The maps don't seem to have any certain advantages either, which is great.

Overall, the beta is looking great, playing great, and ending great. With the release of Resistance 3 in less than 5 days, Insomniac is in a pretty good place right now to look at producing another bestseller. If you haven't already, go pre-order Resistance 3 from Gamestop, and get your Chimera teeth necklace, along with a level 5 multiplayer booster. Also, we're having a midnight release at the 173 store, so join us for the fun!

I killed these Chimera. Also, this is two necklaces combined, because I'm cool.


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  1. I wanna play this game now awesome review!


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