Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Subway and Uncharted Promotion

Anyone who appreciates eating a bit healthy, or anyone who wants to play THE FULL UNCHARTED 3 MULTIPLAYER, should go to Subway during the month of October. During the entire month, anytime you buy a footlong sub, harvest cheddar sun chips, or a 30 oz drink, you get codes pertaining to Uncharted 3 which unlock themes, guns, and other goodies for the game.

To actually unlock the multiplayer, all that is needed is to purchase a 30 oz drink and go to subway.com to enter in your code. Its a guaranteed win into the multiplayer, as well as an entry into a sweepstakes, and a chance to win a copy of the game. The codes that come on the other products are worthwhile too, giving extra items for the multiplayer, or themes.

Let me tell you, the multiplayer for Uncharted 3 is outstanding. Not only does it play amazingly well, its got an immense amount of depth. I'll definitely be playing this until the game comes out and further, because everything that is accomplished in this demo of sorts carries over. This game is really making an attempt at my favorite franchise, that's for sure.

Since the beta, a lot has actually been added. More maps are now available, obviously. I've only played a few, but from what I played, they seem balanced and varied. There are tons of base guns available to choose from, about 13, which can all be modded to your specific playstyle. There are also many treasure sets that unlock additional features like customization of clothing and guns. Another feature not shown in the beta was the use of contracts similar to call of duty, where you wager a certain amount on a certain action. If you complete the action, you gain money, if you don't, you lose it.


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