Monday, February 27, 2012

The Playstation Vita is finally out!

And I have one. I've actually had it since February 15th, but I've been pretty busy lately. I will be reviewing the games that I've purchased, as well as doing an unboxing video and review of the system itself pretty soon. For now, here's a few of my thoughts about the system and games so far.

So, I've had my Playstation Vita for coming up on two weeks now, since I purchased the first edition bundle. The bundle itself came with the 3G model Vita, Little Deviants, a limited edition case, and a 4 GB memory card. Additionally, I've purchased many other games which are Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, Modnation Racers: Road Trip, Touch My Katamari, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Wipeout 2048. I've also downloaded Escape Plan, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, and Plants vs Zombies. Last but not least, I purchased a 16 GB memory card as well, just to be sure I had enough space.

The first week was a bit lacking on the Playstation Store, but by the actual release date, February 22nd, the store had many games, demos, and apps for reasonable prices. Netflix was added on the 22nd, and it looks great on the 5" OLED screen, better than any other mobile device I've used so far. There were also 3 AR, augmented reality, games added to the mix for free which were Tabletop Soccer, Fireworks, and Cliff diving. Each of these three games uses the Augmented Reality features of the Vita to play games. They're just fun mini games to show off what the system can do, but in the future, this technology could be used for really awesome tie-ins for games.

The system itself is great. I've really run into virtually no problems with it yet, except one hiccup that was fixed by turning the system off and back on. Other than that, my Vita has treated me amazingly well. I'm really currently enjoying earning trophies wherever I go, and can't wait until my schoolwork slows down a bit so I'll have more time to play it. Right now, I've beaten Hot Shots Golf, which was absolutely addicting. I've played a bit of all the other games, and have to say that Uncharted is amazing. The other games are all great, with pluses and minuses for all of them. Overall though, the Vita is amazing, keep an eye out the coming weeks for additional reviews and information covering the newest handheld.

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  1. Hey adam, gabber to agree. the vita is amazing. I just beat uncharted, and have to say I'm pretty impressed but the forced touch screen combat was a bit gimmicky and frustrating. plants vs zombies is like combining iphone version with the ps3 version, beautiful blend. I did experience one hiccup as well. My system froze dvd would not power on or off. It seemed as if it were bricked. I simply held the power byron for about10 seconds and the austen brought up a sub menu where I could restart the system.


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