Sunday, June 24, 2012

Behind the Scenes on the Walking Dead: Episode 2

While at E3, I got a behind the scenes look at the next episode in the Walking Dead video game. The preview was 20 minutes of the next episode, which takes place 3 months after the first. During this preview, I learned a lot more about the game itself, what's to come, and that this game is something to look forward to. The next episode was currently submitted to Microsoft and Sony when I talked to Telltale Games, which was on June 5th. From there, they said its out of their hands on when it gets released, but they were hoping the end of June. Since we only have one week left in June and no word on a release date yet, we should probably see an early July release for the next episode. Read on for a more detailed preview of an awesome and underrated game!

Episode 2 takes place 3 months after the events of Episode 1. This leads to a much more tense situation between the group that Lee stumbles across while trying to survive. There is very little food, and everyone has lost what little hope they still possessed. The episode starts with Lee and a new character, Mark, hunting in a nearby forest. While hunting, you get to learn Mark a bit more, and as always, each choice of words that you make changes the way characters perceive you, and brings about different occurrences in the game. After hunting a bit, you hear someone calling out to you, but don't know who this person is. Upon rushing to the voices, you find a couple students frantic about what to do. Their teacher has been caught in a bear trap, and his leg is badly wounded. To make matters worse, of course this would be exactly when the zombies attack. As Lee, you're forced to make a tough choice, either leave the man you don't know to death, or try to save him by chopping of his leg at the knee. This is actually very reminiscent of a Walking Dead TV episode during season 2 where Rick is faced with almost the exact same problem.

Depending on your choice, which for the preview was chopping off the leg to bring him with, you head back to your safe house, which is still the motel that you ended up at in the first episode. During the 3 months that we didn't see, the motel has been fortified a bit with a wall built around the buildings. As always, the choices that you made in the first episode have carried over to this one, and reflect your different relationships with the other characters. Not only do the choices you make while talking matter, but the actions you take environmentally, such as chopping the guys leg off, or who to kill in the first episode, greatly affect the story. With the guy brought back, one of the other group members attempts to rescue him, but fails. This leaves the teacher dead on the back of a pickup, but not for long...

Check out the next episode when it releases sometime in the next few weeks! And stay tuned to for more news. Look for reviews of Resistance: Burning Skies and Lego Batman 2! Also, and extended preview of my hands-on time with Sleeping Dogs and Madden 13!


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