Thursday, July 28, 2011

Global Resistance

Now, personally, I've never been one for Social Networking games, but when they announced the Resistance tie-in, I had to check it out. Its definitely cool enough for me to post about it on here, and technically, its not as "social" as I thought it would be. Apparently as well, if you play the Global Resistance game, you'll earn rewards for Resistance 3 when it releases.

The game itself is kind of similar to a multiplayer team version of Risk. The board is laid out similar to that of risk, with only two competing factions - Chimera and Humans. The Humans are represented by blue and the Chimera orange. The game consists of rounds and wars each with a timer. When you first start the game, you choose to represent and play as the Chimera or the Humans, which you cannot change once picked. The only real "social network" part of the game is that you're required to log in to Facebook to play the game. It doesn't post much at all on Facebook, and just uses your name to identify you.

Each player is responsible for warring for certain areas on the map that are in conflict. They can accomplish this through deploying soldiers in the area, or bombs, which drive the conflict for your faction. Soldiers are gained through buildings that each player individually builds on their own, which works similar to a Real-Time Strategy game. You build different types of buildings to gain soldiers, create weapons, and improve production.

The last major part of the Global Resistance game is the challenging of other players. You can challenge certain people, or play randomly, but the challenges are interesting. It plays similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors in which each player has 5 choices. These compete against each other, and can win experience for the player. There is a ranking system, which once you level up, you're allowed to do certain tasks or build certain buildings and other things.


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