Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome Back Program Expiring

The Welcome Back program, which provided gamers with a few free games as well as a 30 day trial of Playstation Plus, is expiring. You must claim everything from the Playstation Store before July 3rd, or you will definitely be missing out. The games to choose from were actually pretty good, and the 30 day trial of Plus was definitely nice.

Even if you don't have a PSP, make sure to download two of the games. They will always stay in your recent downloads list, and if you get a PS Vita later, in theory, these games should work. Or, you never know when you'd get a PSP possibly either. They're free, download two.

The 5 free games to choose from for Playstation 3 are:

Super Stardust HD
Little Big Planet
Dead Nation
Wipeout HD

Honestly, all of these games are really good. To get the most value, Little Big Planet and Infamous are the one's you'd should get. Personally, I already had 4 out of the 5, so I downloaded Super Stardust, and Infamous, and traded in my physical copy of Infamous. Got me a bit extra, so why not?

The 4 free games to choose from for PSP are:

Killzone Liberation
Little Big Planet
Modnation Racers
Pursuit Force

All of these are great franchises, aside from Pursuit Force. Pursuit Force, however, was actually a really cool game early on the PSP. At least make sure to download two of the games so you have them for future systems.


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