Thursday, December 8, 2011

17 Days Until Christmas!

So, this posting every day thing is really tough. With my schedule the way it is, its so easy for me to forget. I really intended to post the few days that I've missed, but oh well. Skyrim review coming really soon.

 Well well, looks like we have a bit more information on the new game, The Last of Us. By information, I mean two very realistic, yet unrevealing screenshots. Here they are in all of their glory:

Courtesy of IGN

Courtesy of IGN

So, the first screen really doesn't show much, other than the beauty of the graphics. Who knows whether this is gameplay or a cinematic, but it looks great either way. The second is where things get more interesting. The quote box over the picture says: "Our union remains strong... The military is mounting large guns and securing additional quarantine zones. This is our turning point. We can not and will not become the last of us. Mankind will prevail." The other stories talk about "Texas, New Mexico Quarantine Fails" and "England Latest to Declare Martial Law."

What this means to me is something related to the end of the world. Also, I actually see an eye in the second screenshot, right above the made in america part on the right side of the screen. Who knows? They've advertised it as something completely new and never-before-seen. We'll find out more on the 10th at the VGA's.


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