Monday, June 6, 2011

EA Press Conference Notes

A lot of awesome things for gamers happened in this conference. Unlike Microsoft, they focused on the games, and gamers in general. Their games look amazing, and provide a wide variety.

Mass Effect 3
It started a bit slow, with Mass Effect 3, which we've seen a bit before. Definitely going to start our year off pretty amazingly. Mass Effect 3 is going to be starting anew, so even the people who haven't played the series can join in. A release date was announced for it though, being March 6th, 2012.

Need for Speed The Run
EA actually introduced scenes in which you will be getting out of your car, which are highly scripted, but awesome nonetheless. There will be instances in which you run from the cops, and getting different cars. They will be continuing autolog, which encourages players to compete against their friends. The release date is November 17th, 2011.

Star Wars The Old Republic
Still with hardly any official details, this game looks awesome. There's no release date to speak of, but it seems to be doing a really good job of getting people excited. Bioware doesn't usually disappoint, so this should be sweet.

They really didn't introduce a whole lot of new information on SSX, but provided a nice trailer. It will definitely continue to impress with the tricks and crazy stuff going on. SSX will be out in January, 2012.

FIFA and Madden 12
Definitely a lot of focus on these two titles. They took a bit too long to talk about FIFA, even though its a very popular title worldwide. The audience for FIFA isn't that large in the US, so they could have spent a little less time talking about FIFA, and more on Madden. Essentially, they mentioned new features for Madden, but didn't really explain them.

Insomniac finally was able to debut their new multi-platform EA published title, Overstrike. It seems to be a weapon-filled espionage type game, where the crazy weapons are the focus. There wasn't much gameplay shown or a release date at all, but it definitely looks like a zany take on a serious plot.

Battlefield 3
Of course, they closed it out with Battlefield 3, their biggest title of the year. They showed a lot more gameplay, just to spite Call Of Duty. Personally, I think it looks phenomenal. They announced a beta that will be starting in September. It releases October 25th, 2011 officially.

EA had a strong presence for gamers. They didn't have too much new information, but announced a new game, and a couple new features for certain games. They really impressed as far as gaming goes.

Overall Rating: B+

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  1. I ever like to play shooting and action games, I have downloaded Mass effect, BF and Cod which are always in my favorite list. NFS is also good one from above lists.


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