Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Playstation Store Returns!

The Playstation Store is finally up and running after over a month of downtime. I'm currently browsing the catalog, but thought I'd share the update with everyone first, and point out the notable releases. Its been so long that its hard to know even where to start, but here goes. Also, I hope to make this a weekly post, updating the blog with the weekly updates from the Playstation Store. The update I'm providing this week is mainly going to be just a list of what's been released, as there's far too much to report on. Future updates will give a few details on each game/demo/item.

*The Store is still a bit buggy as they're still updating it, but it does indeed work. Just back out if you're getting error messages, and go back in.* 

Downloadable Games

Alien Crush - $5.99
Back to the Future Episode 3 - Free with Season Pass
Bonk's Adventure - $5.99
Bomberman '94 - $5.99
Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp - $9.99
Learning with the Pooyoos Episode 1 - $8.99
Red Johnson's Chronicles - $12.99
Sega Rally Online Arcade - $9.99
Star Raiders - $9.99
Under Siege - $19.99
Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls - $14.99

Infamous 2 Demo!
Game Demos

Infamous 2
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Red Faction Armageddon
Star Raiders
The Fight Lights Out Stress-Buster
Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls

Playstation One Classic Games

Missile Command - $5.99

Add-On Content has also been updated for a bunch of titles including Arcana Heart 3, Blazblue Continuum Shift, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age II, Dynasty Warriors 7, Fallout New Vegas,
L.A. Noire, Little Big Planet 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, ModNation Racers, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Moon Diver, Shift 2 Unleashed, SOCOM 4, Tiger 12, and You Don't Know Jack.

There's also a rather lengthy discount update and Playstation Plus update.

The most notable things in the store update this time around are the:

Infamous 2 Demo
Go play the game before it comes out Tuesday. The game has been on the demo unit in stores for a while, and its pretty amazing.

L.A. Noire DLC Pass
This pass, available for $9.99, allows you to download all available content for L.A. Noire, as well as all content that will be released. This is an amazing steal, since already you will be saving money, let alone gaining more when they release more DLC in the future.

I'm not exactly sure yet what will happen with the Welcome Back program they promised, but as details emerge, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated.


  1. Looking forward to playing the Motorstorm demo too. Game looks pretty fun.

  2. I really enjoyed the first Motorstorm, although I think because it was more of a "this is really awesome since its the first game on the PS3," type of game. It was fundamentally flawed though, with load times and no split-screen.


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