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Uncharted 3 - What's known right now (and Collector's Edition announced!)

Uncharted 3 is definitely looking to be one of the best games of 2011, which doesn't really come as a surprise, as Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2 won Game of the Year in 2009. Uncharted 3 releases November 1st, and will probably be one of the biggest holiday releases, aside from the ultimately over-popular Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The developers have been hard at work for the past 2 years since the release of the second game in the series, Among Thieves, and they're finally starting to spread the word that they're gunning for that top spot again in 2011. Many features have been announced so far, but according to Naughty Dog, there is still an immense amount of info yet to come. We know some details of the single-player, a lot of details on the multiplayer, and very few details on the co-op play. Here's what I know so far about Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Single Player

So far, there aren't too many details available about specific story aspects. We do know the main villain of the game, though. Her, yes her, name is Katherine Marlow, a very wealthy British woman, who seems to fit the role perfectly. Even the choice of name by the writers really captures the British aristocrat feel, and really just emphasizes the quality of writing. We know a few locations as well, which are an African desert, in which Drake crashes at some point, and there seems to be some gameplay in London as well. The main story revolves around the mythology behind Lawrence of Arabia themed stories. This should prove rather interesting, and will lend to very vast and magnificent landscapes. The sand animations and rendering have really yet to be shown off, but should prove to be some of the best of any console game. At one point in the story, a chateau is on fire, and Drake and his best buddy Sully must escape the fiery wreckage. Sully and Drake work together more now, which may suggest that the story may have co-op elements to it, but take that comment with a grain of salt. They haven't released any plans for single-player story co-op, but its definitely a possibility. Aside from the story and locations, Uncharted 3 looks to introduce more fighting skills to Drake, such as dropping down from above taking a guard out, or the working together that was previously mentioned. The award winning story of Uncharted 2 really shows that many people trust Naughty Dog, and even without changing the gameplay too much, the single-player would still provide an awesome ride.

Yes, this is multiplayer.


Uncharted 2 introduced multiplayer that played alongside one of the best single-player games of this decade. The multiplayer of Uncharted 2 was a very interesting and extremely fun experience, but lacked the polish of many other franchises that have had years to develop and hone their skills. There's so much information about the new features in multiplayer, and all of them sound outstanding. There's so much info, in fact, that this section is going to be sectioned!

Tons of different weapon combinations.

Uncharted 3 definitely takes a step in the right direction, introducing total customization. Uncharted 2 had very little in terms of customization, allowing you to choose from different skins, and selecting certain boosters. Uncharted 3 totally expands upon this concept. Every gun can be cosmetically and functionally altered, resulting in a play style that suits the player, and a visual style that appeals to them as well. There are hundreds of combinations that can be made, especially after you level up and gain access to more and more customization options. Even the characters this time around can be customized, with the choice of a base character, including the main stars of the game, being the starting point. From there, the clothing, designs, and accessories can be altered to fit the player's style. Along with character and gun customization, there is an emblem system, similar to that of Call of Duty. In this case, many layers can be used to design emblems, which, if you're performing well enough in the game, will appear on the walls and areas in the map.

New Features
  • The buddy system. This will allow you to spawn on a friend after you die, making it more cooperative in multiplayer, rather than running around looking for them. The spawns in Uncharted 2 were usually pretty good, so hopefully this doesn't cause unfair advantages.
  • Late players can join games in progress now, which will help keep matches full. Also, the matchmaking is much better this time around, hopefully making things more even.
  • Split-Screen is available. This will allow two players, each using their own unique account, to play against other players while on one system.
  • Power Play. If one team is absolutely dominating another team, there are certain instances in which the losing team is given the advantage for a certain period of time. This can be in terms of cursing the other team, not allowing them to respawn, or any other range of things. This will keep matches more interesting for everyone, rather than just the dominating team.
  • Overtime will occur in very close matches, and an extra minute will be added to the clock. Sudden Death occurs when its still close after overtime, and plays like elimination.
  • Medal Kickbacks. Earning Medals will allow you to redeem them for certain weapons or abilities in the game. Hopefully these are balanced.
  • The maps have a dynamic cutscene vibe to them, similar to Killzone 3. The map could literally change locations, like the plane taking off, and landing in a different area. 
  • Sprint button!

Play with your friends from Facebook.

Social Connectivity

Uncharted 3 looks to usher in a new concept behind integrating multimedia into gaming. Facebook and Youtube will lead the charge, connecting you to more than ever before. You will be able to play with friends from Facebook, even if you're not friends on PSN. Videos can be sent to both services, and a new feature, Uncharted TV, will show highlights from matches during time between games.

Multiplayer Beta

The multiplayer Beta will start June 28th for Playstation Plus users. Also, specially marked packages of Infamous 2 (Pretty much any early copy) will contain beta codes. July 5th the beta goes live for everyone. Definitely get out and play it.

Collector's Edition

Who wouldn't want this?

This collector's edition looks to be another awesome one.

  • A functional Traveling Chest replica which stores all other aspects to our Collector’s Edition 
  • Exclusive Steelbook case for Uncharted 3
  • A full size replica of Drake’s belt buckle
  • A full size replica of Drake’s necklace which includes Sir Francis Drake’s ring
  • Exclusive statue of Nathan Drake from Sideshow Collectibles
The pre-order bonuses were also announced, which actually just unlock abilities early. Not too big of a deal, really. The collector's edition will only be available for pre-orders though, so make sure to get out there soon. Gamestop takes their collector's editions out quick.


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